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    Welcome to Academy Villas at Academy Village in Tucson, Arizona.
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    Academy Villas are a new kind of assisted living setting,
  • AcademyVillage18
    where community spirit and the comfort of home blend so that you will thrive.
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    In a comfortable, secure and engaging setting, you will get any daily assistance you need,
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    so you can create the life you want to be living.
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    From dining programs that are nutritious, flexible and, sometimes, just plain comforting
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    to care tailored to fit your schedule, so it never becomes the center of your day,
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    we've created a community culture that supports growth, camaraderie and comfort.
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    And because we are part of Academy Village, there is always something lively going on,
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    from lectures given by visiting scholars from the University of Arizona or further afield, to
  • AcademyVillage9
    in-house poetry workshops that can be firey, passionate and fun.
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    At Academy Villas, you'll thrive.

Academy Villas

Academy Villas, on the renowned Academy Village campus, are part of a growing movement in the United States to provide assisted living care in an environment that is culturally stimulating, meaningfully communal and highly personalized. Nestled in the foothills of the Rincon Mountains in Tucson Arizona, the campus is situated in a stunning landscape.

As part of Academy Village, Academy Villas share the dedication to creating fulfilling retirement with learning, cultural pursuits and enjoyment. The Arizona Senior Academy provides stimulating gatherings and events for residents throughout the year. See this month's programs.

Academy Villas have been built with a commitment to environmental stewardship. The building itself has received the LEED Gold certification, validating our commitment to green environmental practices and the health of our residents. Community practices and values include recycling, gardening, the use of alternative energy sources and community volunteerism.

Because there are only twelve private suites in our home, the care residents receive at Academy Villas is characterized by personalization, emphasis on preventative care and access to a panel of health professionals who specialize in care of the elderly.